The Issue

Empowering you with practical and effective means
for restoring honor to the American People.

Yes. There is a central issue—that when addressed effectively, will bring America back from the brink of imminent disaster… & restore our individual freedoms as most living today have never experienced before.

That Issue is… Mass Disorientation.

Step by incremental step, the American People have been subject to the erosion of numerous freedoms/liberties in exchange for the PROMISE of greater Safety & Security.

The mass majority of our population have long shown a tendency to accept this seemingly reasonable exchange—mostly under the guise of solving one national disaster/emergency after another. We also like to trust government to do the right thing.

It is in this dynamic interaction between Government & People that our societal roles were reversed… COMPLETELY turned on its head.

There is a hierarchy of ultimate authority that clearly illustrates this role-reversal:

THEN >> Actual Orientation (self-evident Creator (supreme moral authority/source) power structure)
Men/Women (God creation)
Governments (corporate servants)
Corporations (government chartered creation)

NOW >> Corrupted Orientation (material- Corporations (supreme producers/source) wealth based power structure)
Governments (corporate servants)
Men/Women (government servants)
Creator (man’s creation/servant)

Atheists/agnostics who take issue—should substitute Creator with ‘Virtue’ (moral excellence). The point is—who is serving who? Who/what created who/what? Do we (men/women) serve a higher purpose or at least seek to? Then we at least look to or acknowledge a Higher Power… we’re not the end-all be-all… & neither are corporations OR governments.

Reorient to the proper roles concerning society’s elemental Entities… & the genuine Power Structure functions appropriately. It will THRIVE…as dictated NOT by Man, but by Natural Order Principles that are Self-Evident.

The Actual Orientation appeals to both logic & reason:

     • Are not Governments formed/created by Men/Women?
     • Are not Corporations chartered/registered by Governments?
     • Are not Men/Women creations (mortal beings)—inferring of a source/creator?

How did this role-reversal take place?


Money serves us as a ‘store of value’… & it is of paramount importance that we understand how US money evolved from gold/silver to unbacked paper notes & why.

The US Constitution defines our money as gold & silver coin (Article I, Sec.8 & 10). Today, these forms are widely considered archaic relics of a bygone—even ‘less enlightened’—era. In reality, they remain—to this day—a trusted & reliable ‘standard’ measure of real value. By very nature of their substance as precious & rare (scarce) resources, they serve as unmatched natural stores of value—that do not diminish with time—unlike paper notes which operate by FAITH.

A one-ounce gold coin still affords a fine custom-tailored suit as the same quality suit was priced a CENTURY ago.
It is NOT the gold/silver that has become more expensive… it is the paper currency of today that loses its value over time. That’s INFLATION.

The American People—YOU—have been defrauded of your substance (wealth/labor) by way of Government usurping the Power vested in them by We the People… ALL in the name of ‘we (government) know BETTER what’s best for you’.

Why doesn’t our current form of money hold its value as gold/silver?

Simply because it isn’t BACKED by actual/real values anymore…

The face values are simply ‘printed’ on paper & placed into circulation, driving up prices for goods & services year after year—requiring YOU to work longer and/or smarter in order to earn more (to afford more) & for many, just to maintain their status quo lifestyles.

How did this start?

Many today believe the Civil War was fought over slavery. It was not. Slavery was already on its way out in the US. The Civil War was about Money & Power… & President Lincoln opened a Pandora’s Box by allowing an un-Constitutional unbacked (‘fiat’) paper note issue to circulate as money in order to fund/finance & ultimately crush the Southern rebellion—at great human cost on both sides.

The Issue >> Mass Disorientation
Widespread ignorance &/or diminished critical thinking ability

The Solution >> Mass Disorientation
widespread empowerment by exposing the fraud root cause) & restoration of ‘We the People’ to our right/ just role)
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